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Growing up, my favorite memories were the evenings I spent at my Granny’s house watching her bake and cook for my little family of three. My Pap Pap would ask for no lumps in his mashed potatoes and I would eagerly await to lick the bowl of batter from my Granny’s favorite recipes. When I was old enough to know hot from cold, my Granny began to teach me how to bake. She would use measuring cups to teach me math and we would bake for hours, sticking toothpicks in the middle of our creations to see if “it’s done.”

For this collection, I wanted to capture the warm feelings I felt walking into my grandparents home, seeing biscotti sitting on the counter, my Granny in her apron, and her sweet voice saying “Hi love!” The recipes shared with this collection are not only my Granny’s but her Granny’s too! It is my prayer that others bring this collection into their home, find their loved ones gathered around the counter laughing and capture that moment in their hearts forever.